Smokers in Cumbria asked to switch cigarettes for Stoptober

Smokers are five times more likely to quit if they can go 28 days without cigarettes Credit: PA

Stoptober, The 28-day mass quit smoking challenge, is back for another year.

It has made a big impact on local communities, and helped to lower smoking rates to 15.6% in Cumbria - down from 20% in 2012.

This month, Cumbria County Council is encouraging smokers who can't or won't quit to switch to e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes let you inhale nicotine through a vapour rather than smoke.

They aren't completely risk free, but they are much less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

This year's campaign to stop smoking has returned with extra support.

This includes an app, daily emails, and encouragement from the Stoptober community on Facebook.

Cumbria County Council says it is committed to overseeing a smoke-free county:

Where can I get help if I want to stop smoking?

  • Contact Cumbria’s stop smoking service by calling 0300 013 3000.

  • Go online at

  • Drop in to a local pharmacy for a chat.