Welfare concerns have been raised over a Cumbrian zoo after recent council inspection.

South Lakes Safari Zoo, now in the hands of new owners - Cumbria Zoo Company Ltd - is reported to have too many "contact incidents" between animals and visitors.

These include a lemur climbing into a baby's pram, visitors being jumped on by squirrel monkeys and holes being dug by prairie dogs next to the site's fences.

Another incident involved a blind, spiral-horned antelope, which was put to sleep after its health deteriorated following separation from its herd.

Earlier this week, the animal director, Andreas Kaufmann, notified the council a peacock had been diagnosed with chlamydia.

The findings come as Barrow Council meet later today to decide whether the zoo is complying with its licensing conditions.

A two week inspection was carried out by Council inspectors last month, which reported seven incidents of contact between animals and visitors.

In March, the zoo's founder, David Gill, was refused a licence to run the attraction.

This followed the deaths of 486 animals at the zoo between December 2013 and September 2016.

Last year, the zoo was fined more than £250,000 after the death of 24-year-old keeper, Sarah McClay.

South Lakes Safari Zoo will not be commenting until after today's meeting.