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Cumbrian family send jet loads of aid to island hit by Hurricane Maria

Dominica was the first island to be hit by Hurricane Maria in September Photo: ITV Border

A family from Keswick have sent private jets filled with thousands of pounds worth of aid to one of the Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Supplies loaded onto one of five private jets sent by the Brown's family Credit: ITV Border

The Browns, who have businesses in Cumbria and Miami, have sent five planeloads of supplies to Dominica - costing them around £100,000.

These include everything from water purifiers, dried food and solar powered chargers.

All supplies have been gratefully received by people on the island Credit: ITV Border

Jonathan Brown, who went to Keswick School and started a salmon business in Maryport, has funded the aid.

His daughter, April Brown, is coordinating the relief effort:

Jonathan Brown, and daughter, April Brown Credit: ITV Border

We really felt a need and we had the resources and the connections and you know, how could we not help if we could help?"

– April Brown
The storm killed 15 people and many remain missing Credit: ITV Border

The majority of homes and the hospital were badly damaged by Hurricane Maria - which came two weeks after Hurricane Irma hit several islands last month.

An estimated 95% of the roofs were blown off in some towns Credit: ITV Border

The Brown family continue to look at ways to offer help while the island works to rebuild all that was lost in the disaster.