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Mountain rescue team trains for major flooding

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team Photo: ITV Border

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue team has spent much of the day training for a major flooding incident.

The exercise was pre-planned and not a response to recent heavy rain.

Team members were sent to various locations to feed back information to the central system.

We've intentionally chosen areas that we know have suffered before with floods so we've got team members going out finding information that would be relevant in the event of flooding

– Martin Pickavance, Cockermouth Mountain Rescue
Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team Credit: ITV Border

Earlier this week some roads were closed in Cumbria and a small number of properties flooded after prolonged heavy rain.

For me this week is a reminder that yes we must be prepared. Make sure you've thought about how you're going to evacuate, where you're going to go, where you're going to move your car to and check on your vulnerable neighbours as well

– Sue Cashmore, Cockermouth Flood Action Group