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Divers discover significant damage to Burneside bridge

Divers have discovered major structural damage to a bridge in Burneside, following high water levels during ex Storm Ophelia.

Ford Bridge was closed earlier this week ahead of the storm and now the extent of underwater damage to its supporting piers has been revealed in an underwater video.

The last inspection in August this year showed only minor scouring around the piers.

But now there's significant deterioration on the bases beneath the two supporting piers, resulting in the immediate closure of the bridge to all users.

The dive team is scheduled to reenter the water on Thursday to carry out protection work.

All options are being assessed to determine whether an alternative approach to repair is possible and cost effective, with a full replacement of the current structure still planned for summer 2018.

We understand this is a real inconvenience for people living and working in the village. We’ve monitored this bridge closely and it was right that we closed it as soon as the risk to the public was identified. We now have to take stock and look at the options available. At this stage it impossible to say with certainty how long the bridge may be closed for, unfortunately it may be a prolonged period, but we will provide further information as soon as we know more.”

– Stephen Hall, Assistant Director Highways, Transport and Fleet