Hate crime production raises awareness amongst young people

This year reports of hate crime have risen risen to 369 Credit: ITV Border

A new production has been shown in Cumbria to raise awareness amongst young people about hate crime.

Richard Rose Central Academy in Carlisle hosted 'Feel the Hate', which comes from the creative team behind 'Chelsea's Choice'.

From September 2014 to September 2015 there were 363 reports of hate crimes in Cumbria.

The following year that had fallen to 310 reports, but this year they've risen sharply again to 369 reports

120 Year 8 students saw the show and were given the chance to later explore the issues that hate crime raises.

'Feel the Hate' was originally commissioned by Cumbria Police and is designed to raise awareness of what hate crime is, the effect it has and where people can victims can go for help.

Central Academy's Key Stage 3 Pastoral Manager said: