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Three year campaign gains new war memorial for Sanquhar

The new memorial cost £48,000 Photo: ITV Border

After three years of campaigning, residents of Sanquhar have gained a new war memorial for the town centre.

The Kings own Scottish Borderer First World War statue has been fitted into place next to the old memorial site.

It was created by renowned sculptor Alan Herriot.

The figure weighs around three hundred kilos Credit: ITV Border

His work includes the 'Soldier Bear' in Edinburgh's Prices Street Gardens.

The new monument costs £48,000 and resembles a piper, who is said to be first man killed in WW1.

It is installed above an existing art sculpture, in place of the town's previous war memorial.

The old memorial dates back to the late 1960s Credit: ITV Border

The Provost Chairman of Sanquhar Community Council says the new installation is a much more a fitting tribute to the fallen:

It's absolutely fantastic. It's been a long time coming. It's been a lot of work and we've raised a lot of money for it, but the product is wonderful.

Sanquhar's war memorial history is quite stormy in many ways because we used to have a war memorial institute.

That was uneconomical to run and it fell to pieces. They knocked it down and they moved it to the existing site.

We felt that this site does not convey the respect from the local people to those who gave their lives in the war. Hence the reason we decided to have a new war memorial."

– Duncan Close, Provost Chaiman, Sanquhar Community Council