Cumbrian father speaks out about post-natal depression

Credit: ITV Border

A man from Cumbria is raising awareness of how men can also be affected by post-natal depression.

Darren Horne says he fell into a "whirlpool of despair" after the birth of his daughter last year.

Postnatal depression is a form of depression that is more likely to affect parents in the first year of their baby's life.

It can happen gradually or all of a sudden, and can range from being relatively mild to very hard hitting.

While it is estimated that 10% of new mums suffer from PND - it is now also recognised that PND can be experienced by dads, sometimes called paternal depression.

Research by the National Childbirth Trust that one in 10 dads has PND and fathers also appear to be more likely to suffer from depression three to six months after their baby is born.

For more support and information, you can visit the NCT website page on post-natal depression in fathers.