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Copeland MP holds first jobs fair in west Cumbria

Copeland Skills Fair will take place today from 2pm to 7pm Photo: PA

The MP for Copeland is encouraging young jobseekers to attend the first Copeland Skills Fair in west Cumbria.

Trudy Harrison MP will host the event between 2pm and 7pm today at Solway Hall, Whitehaven.

The free event aims to provide information of jobs and apprenticeships available in the area, as well as helping young people decide the best path in eduction for their future.

Employers and training providers will showcase a wide range of trades from engineering, to health and beauty, and the Emergency Services.

Trudy Harrison MP said:

I am really looking forward to my first Skills Fair. For me, supporting young people to secure a prosperous future is what it's all about.

Having four teenage daughters myself, I understand the importance of ambition and having a path to follow - there will be lots of apprenticeship, training and employment advice and I'm really grateful to all the companies that will be there with me all day.

I'm also excited to be launching my TeenForce100 project. This will help over 100 teenagers in to the part-time workforce, in partnership with parents, schools and employers.

There is a well-established association between having a part-time job as a teenager and being in full-time employment in adulthood, but many young people are struggling to find a job.

I want to make that connection easier, to help open doors, provide some basic training and enable young people to enjoy a little financial independence, it's so important."

– Trudy Harrison MP