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New traffic system set for Dumfries and Galloway village

Some residents are calling for stricter measures to be put in place Photo: ITV Border

A village in Dumfries and Galloway is to become the first in Scotland to have a new traffic management system installed.

Traffic lights will be positioned at the entrance and exit to Springholm, and will only turn red if drivers are travelling above a certain speed.

The busy A75 road runs straight through the village, and a large number of lorries travelling to and from the ferry ports at Loch Ryan use it.

Scotland Transerv, who are installing the lights, say they are "innovative" and will help to manage traffic.

However, some local residents have called the lights a "sticking plaster over a gaping wound", and are calling for stricter measures to be put in place.

One Springholm resident and campaigner recorded this footage to demonstrate the speed of vehicles traveling through Springholm:

He commented:

"I would like to see the area become a 20 mile an hour zone, and ultimately for a bypass to be built around the villages of Springholm and Crocketford.

I welcome any measure that might help, like the lights, but we need much much more.

This area is already a blackspot for accidents, and it's only a matter of time before something terrible happens."

– Christopher Wybrew, Springholm resident and campaigner

Once the new system is in place, which it is expected to be at the end of this month, the lights will be monitored to test their effectiveness.