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WATCH: Hackers steal Cumbrian woman's life savings

Criminals have stolen a Cumbrian woman's life savings, by hacking into her laptop camera.

Jane Caldwell runs the Posh Sardine cafe in Arnside.

One afternoon she was called by someone claiming to be from the fraud team at her bank.

He convinced her that he was genuine by asking her to log into her bank account, and then quoting activity on her account.

When she tried to use her son's mobile phone to call her bank directly, he told her he could see she was calling a colleague next to him, convincing her that he was legitimate.

But he wasn't - he was a fraudster with access to her laptop camera, which allowed him to see her calling the bank.

Jane transferred £100,000 in total.

Her bank was able to recover around £25,000, but the rest of her life savings are still missing.

I feel completely violated. It's just beyond anything I've ever come across. It's the stuff of spy movies.

– Jane Caldwell

Cyber security experts say people should use a variety of strong passwords to stay safe online, as well as keeping their anti virus software up to date.

Suspicious emails and telephone calls should be reported, and some advise people to put tape over their laptop cameras, in case they have been hacked.