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Dog stuck underground saved by mountain rescue team

Photo: Keswick Mountian Rescue Team

A small terrier which became stuck underground whilst out climbing with owners took almost 4 hours to be saved by mountain rescuers on Sunday.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team received a call at around 4pm from a local resident explaining his sister's dog had fallen below ground near the Bowder Stone in Borrowdale.

Credit: Keswick Mountian Rescue Team

On arrival, the dog was found to have fallen or descended between some boulders.

The caller had spent hours digging by hand in an attempt to reach the dog, but the small terrier was still way below him.

The team dug out the ground and it became clear that the route to the dog was restricted by a rock slip, and that he was a further five feet below.

Credit: Keswick Mountian Rescue Team

Several attempts were made to lower a net for the dog to move onto and be pulled up, but he rolled off each time the net was hauled.

A final attempt was made, this time with a rope bag, and the dog was carefully brought through the gap and returned to the owner.

Credit: Keswick Mountian Rescue Team

Keswick Mountian Rescue Team said:

This is not the normal type of rescue we do but we are always happy to help those in need."

– Keswick Mountian Rescue Team