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Police officers could face misconduct charges

Miklos Verebes (left) and Melinda Korosi (right) Photo: Cumbria Police/Melinda Korosi Facebook

The Independent Police Complaints Commission says Cumbria Police failed to finish lines of inquiry before releasing a man who went on to kill the partner he was accused of raping.

Miklos Verebes was jailed for life, for a minimum of 28 years, earlier this year after he was convicted of murdering Melinda Korosi in Carlisle in 2016.

In its report, the IPCC says Miklos Verebes was arrested on suspicion of rape and then released without charge.

Cumbria Constabulary released the following statement:

We acknowledge the findings of the IPCC’s investigation into the contact between the Constabulary and Melinda Korosi prior to her death.

As soon as we were made aware of Ms Korosi’s death we made an immediate referral to the IPCC and have fully cooperated with their investigation. It is clear that the Constabulary had contact with her prior to her death and it is right that our conduct is thoroughly examined.

We accept that some potential lines of enquiry were not conducted before Miklos Verebes was released, following his arrest on suspicion of rape, and this amounts to misconduct for two serving officers. Although the officers involved took measures to protect Ms Korosi we recognise that some investigative actions were not followed up.

The sanction, which was agreed with the IPCC, was management action for both officers. This action, which is ongoing, consists of a formal recording of misconduct and a robust personal development plan. This is being managed by senior officers.

The IPCC recognised that safeguarding measures were put in place by the investigating officers. Safeguarding is a priority for the Constabulary and we will continue to review our processes in what is a complex, high-risk area of business to ensure we can effectively protect vulnerable people.”

– Andrew Slattery, Detective Chief Superintendent, Cumbria Constabulary