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Ben Stokes available for England cricket selection

Photo: PA

Ben Stokes ​can once again be considered for selection for the England ​cricket ​team while he awaits trial for affray.

The England and Wales Cricket board ​say the all-rounder ​is ​​eligible​ to rejoin the team in February​ for the Twenty20 Series in New Zealand.​

The 26-year-old ​from Cockermouth ​was charged following an alleged incident outside a Bristol nightclub in September.

"Given the CPS decision to charge him and two others with affray, confirmation of his intention to contest the charge and the potential length of time to trial, the Board agreed that it would not be fair, reasonable or proportionate for Ben Stokes to remain unavailable for a further indeterminate period.

"ECB fully respects the legal process and the player's intention to defend himself against the charge."

– ECB statement