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12-year-old boy rescued after getting stuck in mud on Solway coast

Coastguards, firefighters, police, ambulance personnel and lifeboat crew fought to free the boy Photo: Dumfries and Galloway Police Division

A 12-year-old boy has been rescued after becoming stuck for more than an hour up to his waist in mud on the Solway coast.

Emergency services responded to calls reporting the incident at around 4pm on Thursday 15 February.

Nearly 40 coastguards, firefighters, police, ambulance personnel and lifeboat crew fought to free the boy at the Solway yachting village at Kippford, three miles south of Dalbeattie.

The boy had been fishing when he got stuck in the river Urr estuary at Rough Firth.

Coastguards from nearby Portling and Annan, 35 miles away, were rushed to the scene along with firefighters from Dalbeattie, Castle Douglas and Dumfries.

Emergency services were able to free the boy and get him safely back to shore Credit: Drew Geddes

The Annan Coastguard rescue boat was also brought into use.

He was treated at the scene by paramedics and then taken nearly 20 miles by ambulance to Dumfries Infirmary suffering from shock and hypothermia.

The rescue was co-ordinated by Belfast Coastguards:

We received a report of a person stuck in the mud at Kippford and we tasked the coastguards and other emergency services to attend.

Fortunately it had a happy ending but people must realise the hazards and dangers at the seaside.The lad was eventually brought out just as darkness was starting to fall. We’re just pleased it had a happy ending.

The mud may look safe but it can be extremely dangerous and it is very difficult for rescuers to get out to some people who get stuck.”

– Belfast Coastguards spokesperson