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Police handed 135 knives during surrender

More than 60 knives were surrendered in West Cumbria Photo: Cumbria Police

Cumbria Police have received 135 knives from people across the county during a week-long surrender.

It took place between Monday 12 and Sunday 18 February as part of a national campaign to tackle knife crime.

Knives surrendered in North Cumbria Credit: Cumbria Police

In West Cumbria, 63 knives were handed in, followed by North Cumbria with 62, and South Cumbria with 10.

Police say many of the knives were kitchen or trade knives, but there were also some "antique and dangerous weapons".

The knives will now be destroyed.

Knives surrendered in South Cumbria Credit: Cumbria Police

Superintendent Mark Pannone said:

The number of knives handed in is proof that people in Cumbria take the issue of weapons in our communities very seriously. We are lucky in Cumbria that there isn’t the knife culture that is seen in other areas of the country, however the fact remains that such weapons can be very harmful in the wrong hands.

I’d like to thank those who have handed in weapons in during the surrender as you have contributed to making Cumbria a safer place.”

– Mark Pannone, Superintendent, Cumbria Police