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New bank scheme prevents more than £100,000 of fraud

Victims of fraud are given extra support through the Banking Protocol scheme Photo: PA Images

A new rapid response scheme has prevented more than £100,000 of fraud in Cumbria, according to police.

The Banking Protocol allows bank staff to identify and protect potential fraud victims when they visit a bank or building society branch.

If they suspect a customer is in the process of being scammed, bank staff can contact police with an immediate priority response to the branch.

Since it was introduced in July 2017 a total of 48 emergency calls have been placed, leading to 13 arrests.

Detective Sergeant Stephanie Goulding is urging family and friends to make others aware of scammers:

This initiative is making a significant impact on preventing vulnerable people falling victim of fraudsters. We will continue to work closely with financial institutions to continue this valuable work, but urge people to remain vigilant."

– Stephanie Goulding, Detective Sergeant, Cumbria Constabulary

The scheme was developed through a partnership between UK Finance, police and Trading Standards.

Across the country the Banking Protocol has now led to a total of 197 arrests and prevented almost £25 million in fraud.

3,682 emergency calls have also been placed and responded to.

Victims of fraud are given extra support through the new scheme to prevent them from becoming a victim in the future.

The Managing Director of Economic Crime at UK Finance added:

Fraud can have a devastating impact on victims and is often targeted at the most vulnerable people in society, which is why we must work together to prevent it.

"The Banking Protocol shows how close cooperation between the industry and law enforcement can help to protect victims and crack down on fraudsters.

“This kind of joined-up approach is crucial to stay one step ahead and ensure that unscrupulous scammers preying on customers are brought to justice.”

– Katy Worobec, Managing Director of Economic Crime, UK Finance