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Carlisle Airport delayed until spring 2019

Carlisle Lake District Airport Photo: ITV Border

Flights from Carlisle Lake District Airport, which were originally planned for 4 June 2018, have now been delayed until spring 2019.

The airport had already postponed commercial operations by three months and had hoped to be up and running by Monday 3 September.

The owners, Stobart Air cited a shortage of qualified Air Traffic Control Officers and regulatory deadlines for their original delay.

Flights for September were still being advertised online this afternoon, after ITV Border learned of the new delay.

All flights from Carlisle Lake District Airport have now been removed from Loganair's website.

We have been working around the clock and physically we are ready. But it is extremely important that this major project, which will connect the region to the tourism and business hubs of London, Dublin and Belfast, is safe and operationally compliant so as to be sustainable in the long term.

This requires both a full complement of trained and experienced operational staff being in place from commencement – to deliver a sustainable flight timetable – and also an infrastructure which fully meets regulatory requirements.

To stress, the team have and will continue to do a completely brilliant job with regard to bottoming out all of these issues."

– Kate Willard, head of corporate projects at Stobart Group