There are renewed concerns over people jumping from Devil's Bridge in Kirkby Lonsdale, after more young people have been seen doing what's known as 'tomb-stoning' in the hot weather.

It's a popular activity with those daring enough to try it but it's claimed lives before and locals fear someone could get killed or seriously hurt again.

It's illegal to jump from the bridge, as a local bylaw was brought in and so people can be fined if caught. It doesn't stop people though.

"The beginning of June we came for a picnic and people were just jumping off the bridge left, right and centre. There was people doing back flips and jumping straight off and then going back up again and doing it again."

Jen Calderbank, Eyewitness

It's aptly named tomb-stoning, because it really is dangerous.

It claimed the life of 22-year old Darrel Teal from Manchester back in 2012, and just two years ago another young man broke his back jumping from the bridge.

Below the surface lie rocks and if the jumper misses those, cold water shock can kill too. That's what happened six years ago.

"He was in perfect health, he jumped off, he went into proper, clean, deep water but it was cold and the shock just killed him and that was it. Earlier they've just misjudged the area and depth of jumping and hit the rocks because it's actually a sharp 'V' that creates the depth there and if you're not dead accurate you're going to hit shallow water no matter how deep it looks from on top of the bridge and they still insist on jumping off. We don't seem to be able to get the message across and unfortunately there will be more deaths if they keep doing it."

Cllr Allan Muirhead, Kirkby Lonsdale Town Council

The plea from locals is obey the law: don't jump off Devil's Bridge.

Devil's Bridge in Kirkby Lonsdale Credit: ITV News Border