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Sellafield's historic chimney to be brought down

Sellafield's famous chimney is set to be demolished. Photo: Sellafield Ltd

One of the worlds most recognisable nuclear chimneys is set to be demolished later this year.

The chimney at Sellafield is under-going preparation to be pulled down by a giant crane that has been specially constructed to bring it down.

For nearly 70-years the Windscale Chimney has dominated the Sellafield skyline.

In 1957, Sellafield's Windscale Pile One Stack was the scene of Britain's worst nuclear accident when a fire broke out in Unit 1.

Teams from Sellafield Ltd and its supply chain are working together to safely pull it down.

Work to demolish the 110m structure will begin this Autumn, removing chunks of the chimney using diamond wire saws. The square-shaped 'diffuser' at the top is the first piece to go.

Duncan Thompson, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s Sellafield Programme Director, said: "Once demolition begins it will be a very visible demonstration of the work being done to make Sellafield a safer place.”

The schedule of demolition will depend on decommissioning priorities but it is possible that the structure will be gone by 2022.