Woman from Carlisle says she is being unfairly treated by car parking fine company

A woman in Carlisle says she is being unfairly treated by private car parking company. Credit: PA images

A woman from Carlisle says she thinks a private car parking company is treating people who make innocent errors unfairly.

Mary Graham accidentally added an extra digit when she typed in her registration number at two city centre car parks. She was sent two 60 pound fines and is appealing both of them.

Mrs Graham thinks other people could make the same mistake. Smart Parking Limited have yet to respond to Mrs Graham's appeal or a request for an interview.

"I am very angry and it makes me not want to go into Carlisle" says Mrs Graham.

"I am sure other people are getting tickets because of this kind of error. I was fortunate that I kept the parking ticket so I could see why i was fined but I'm sure a lot of people are paying the fines for what is an innocent mistake."

Philip Gomm from the RAC Foundation says it is unfair to fine people who make such a small error. "People who have tried to do the right thing and pay for the parking are being stung with penalties", says Gomm.

"A £100 fine for a slip of the finger is totally unfair. We need to have a government code of practice so this kind of thing can be policed better".

New figures show a huge increase in the number of vehicle keeper records obtained from the DVLA by private parking management companies - up from 700 thousand to nearly six and half million in 10 years.