Cooking up rubbish

The fudge made from ingredients that would have been wasted Credit: ITV News Border

30 people have paid more than £150 to eat rubbish!

Some of Cumbria's top chefs have cooked the meal from food that would have been thrown in the bin.

It's to raise money for local charities like foodbanks and to raise awareness about how much food is wasted everyday.

"It's become very normal to look in your fridge and think 'don't fancy anything in there' and then the products go off and we throw them in the bin. We've got sell by dates on absolutely everything and a lot of people will pretty much abide by those sell by dates. What we're trying to show today is that actually a lot of the stuff that you would throw out there's things that you can still be doing with it."

Janett Walker, Flock PR Events
It was held at the Dome House in Windermere Credit: ITV News Border

Fried fish skins and discoloured carrots were some of the ingredients being transformed into fine dining at Windermere's iconic Dome House.

"We have taken some spent coffee grounds from a local cafe, after they've finished making the coffees that day that normally get thrown in the bin and then we've turned that into a sable pastry and then with that we took some local damsons that someone had donated to make a jam and basically made a jammy dodger."

Will Dickinson, Greencore
Jammy dodgers from coffee grinds Credit: ITV News Border

Martin Frickel had planned to do this with his friend Matt Campbell, who died early this year.

It was an issue close to their hearts.

"One of the first courses is a sour dough starter, which gets fed every day, and it goes in a rolling cycle so there's always going to be waste. We've made those into like little edible twigs, dusted them with mushroom powder and then we've cultured cream to make our own soured cream, which is short dated so that's going to be one of the first courses. We've got a cod cheek dish, again the cheeks come from the head but in processing they'd just be thrown away. Like for example your brocolli head, you would get the head but you wouldn't use all the leaves or the stem."

Martin Frickel, Sous Chef, The Forest Side
The chefs were from a number fo restaurants Credit: ITV News Border