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Cumbria Police hold knife surrender

Knife surrender to be held across Cumbria Photo: Cumbria Police

Cumbria Constabulary is holding knife surrender as part of an operation to tackle knife crime across the UK.

The amnesty will last from Tuesday 18th until Monday 24th. Members of the public will be able to anonymously hand in their unwanted knives, legal or illegal.

Amnesty bins will be located at police station front counters.

Offences were recorded, in 2017, involving a knife or sharp object.

Cumbria has a low amount of knife offences compared to other areas of the UK. But Police say the surrender is to reassure members of the public that knife crime will not be tolerated.

One hundred and thirty five knives were handed in at the last amnesty in February.

Amnesty held in February saw 135 knives collected. Credit: Cumbria Police

We have seen the appalling results of knife crime in London and other cities recently with tragic deaths and injuries, no one is a winner and government are looking to increase penalties for those involved. Knife crime destroys lives. There is no circumstance where carrying a knife as a weapon is acceptable and, while some people wrongly perceive that a knife offers them some kind of protection, in reality it only serves to make them more vulnerable while placing those around them at greater risk.

“Every knife surrendered is one less that can cause death, destruction and misery so I hope anyone who owns a knife – young or old – will take this opportunity to surrender their weapon and dispose of it safely."