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Dog found with severe injuries in Flimby

Dog found with serious injuries in Flimby. Photo: RSPCA

RSPCA inspectors are appealing for witnesses after a female dog was found with serious injuries. The wounds suggest she was being used for badger baiting.

The black and tan terrier was found on 16th September in the Flimby area and is believed to be around 5 years old.

RSPCA inspector Chris Towler said: “She had significant lower jaw injuries where the skin has been ripped away and multiple bite wounds to the front half of her body".

The terrier has undergone surgery on her jaw and is having the injury treated regularly with honey, leading the vets to call her Winnie.

Winnie is microchipped, but it isn’t registered which is preventing her owner from being traced.

Irrespective of how the injuries were caused, clearly this dog has suffered enormously and the fact that she was found straying leads me to think that she has been allowed to do so rather than her owner seek vet treatment, which only adds to my suspicion that she was involved in illegal activities.”


Anyone with information are urged to contact the RSPCA.