Carlisle to be one of the first cities in the UK to get an electric vehicle charge centre

Carlisle will have one of the first giant electric car charging stations Credit: PA

Carlisle is set to be one of the first cities in the UK to have a giant electric vehicle charging station.

Electric vehicle company Pivot Power has been granted planning permission to install a 50 Mega-Watt battery at the Harker sub station on the outskirts of the city.

The £25m development will provide the equivalent of enough electricity to power 6,000 average homes.

Once the infrastructure is in place, the company will then need to apply for further planning permission to build a 'superhub', where up to 100 electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously.

The site is part of a £1.6 billion nationwide programme that aims to make it easier for people to convert to electric cars.

Carlisle is the second out of 45 planned projects around the country.

It's hoped that the scheme will help promote tourism in the region and encourage tourists driving electric cars on the M6 to visit Cumbria.

This scheme comes after the government was put under pressure to abolish diesel and fuel-powered cars by 2032, which is claimed to be held back by a lack of charging stations.

The battery site is expected to be operational by October 2019, after which plans for the electric vehicle 'superhub' can move forwards.