Police and firefighters issue bonfires warning

Credit: Press Association

Police and firefighters are warning that bonfire and fireworks-related anti-social disorder won't be tolerated.

Officers say they're conducting extra patrols across the region to clamp down on nuisance behaviour in the run-up to and during Bonfire Night.

"Our aim is simply to keep people safe in order that they can enjoy what should be a memorable experience, for all the right reasons. The misuse of fireworks will not be tolerated and apart from the anti-social and nuisance element, it can be outright dangerous.

Chief Inspector Stuart Davidson, Police Scotland

Fire Service and police advice for staying safe includes:

  • Do follow ‘The Fireworks Code and the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Keep fireworks in a closed metal box and take them out one at a time.

  • Keep pets indoors and warn neighbours if you intend to hold a fireworks display.

  • Use only designated sites for your bonfire.