Government accused of "throwing Cumbria under the bus"

John Woodcock, MP for Barrow and Furness Credit: PA

The Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock has criticised the Business Secretary Greg Clark in parliament for not giving more support to plans for the new nuclear power station at Moorside.

This follows the announcement that the Japanese technology company Toshiba would be pulling out of the development, leading to fears that the project wouldn't go ahead.

And so, the people of Cumbria are thrown under the bus."

John Woodcock, Barrow and Furness MP

The Business Secretary Greg Clark was asked by John Woodcock to make an emergency statement regarding the site.

He responded by saying the site would still be available to other developers, and that moving forward West Cumbria's nuclear industry would continue to go from strength to strength.

That the Secretary of State recognises the strategic importance of nuclear to meet our energy and our environmental requirements, and furthermore that he values the highly skilled workforce in my Copeland constituency and indeed across Cumbria that stands ready to design, build, commission and operate Moorside."

Trudy Harrison, Copeland MP