Cumbria welcomes weather radar to help improve flood forecasting

The radar could improve flood forecasting. Credit: ITV Border

A mobile weather radar has been successfully stationed in Cumbria that will help improve flood forecasting and weather warning services.

The radar will stay in the county for the next twelve months and will be used to establish a more accurate report on the regions weather.

Paul Hendy, of the Carlisle Flood Action Group, says that the radar is a "win-win for Cumbria, that has long been needed."

In recent years, Cumbria has seen a number of floods that have caused devastation to the county. The radar collects real-time rainfall data that, in turn, could estimate whether or not an area will or will not flood.

The deployment of the radar may prove the necessity of a permanent solution and help researchers understand the type of extreme rainfall that causes flooding.

The deployment of the NCAS radar will help us to build a strong case for investment where it’s needed. We’re seeing many benefits from the collaboration including a greater interest from all parties to integrate data from deployments like this, and other third party radars into the national Met Office rainfall products.”