Hundreds of jobs saved after Borders energy firm takeover

OVO Energy will take on 290,000 of Spark Energy Supply Ltd's customers. Credit: Spark Energy

It has been confirmed that a Bristol firm will take over a Scottish Borders energy company, saving hundreds of jobs.

OVO Energy will take on 290,000 of Spark Energy Supply Ltd's customers, and will continue to operate the company from its base in Selkirk.

Spark Energy stopped trading on Friday, and is the seventh company this year to fail after facing a £14-million bill from the energy regulator for not meeting its renewable power obligation.

OVO Energy says it is committed to retaining Spark Energy’s operations and teams in Selkirk, Edinburgh and Horsham.

Around 400 jobs were believed to have been under threat in the Scottish Borders.

OVO Energy says it will honour all outstanding credit balances, including refunds due to customers who have left Spark Energy.

Energy supplies will continue as normal and any credit on customers accounts can be used to offset future energy use.

Customers will continue to be billed by Spark and be contacted by Spark’s customer service staff.

If they wish to change their tariff or switch supplier, they should ask to be switched to another OVO Energy tariff, or shop around. They will not be charged exit fees if they decide to switch to another supplier.