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Cumbrian lawyer jailed for stealing £700,000 from vulnerable clients

Marcus Nickson Photo: Cumbria Police

A Cumbrian lawyer who admitted stealing more than £700,000 from two vulnerable people has been jailed for four years.

Marcus Nickson, 66, was found to have wrongly claimed the money from damages paid to patients who suffered brain injuries.

But he was caught-out after leaving his law firm.

His successor became concerned at how two of Nickson’s clients had been billed.

Mr Nickson, from Blencogo, Wigton, stole over £104,000 from the £3.5m awarded to the trust fund of a child who suffered brain damage due to a complicated birth.

He also stole more than £600,000 from £3m awarded to a man who suffered a stroke, is disabled and and needs care for life.

The huge legal fees were charged after Mr Nickson said charges would be minimal and they could only have been taken with the court’s permission.

The judge said “It is hard to imagine anything other than a high degree of trust when the parents of brain damaged children place their trust in their legal advisors. It seems to be like the trust one would place in one's teacher, surgeon or priest."

The court heard today of his previous good character, of his remorse and that the money had gone to his company rather than him directly.

Nickson, who was seen as a well-known professional, is a cruel individual and his actions are nothing short of despicable. He had the full trust of both victims after initially working to win their awarded claims, he then callously betrayed them. I am pleased that he has been brought to justice for his crimes."

– Barry Cowin, Financial Investigator, Cumbria Constabulary