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Campaigners continue fight on controversial tree felling plans

Photo: ITV

An unknown graffiti artist has marked trees in Kendal but the Environment Agency warns the trees may have to be felled for flood defences.

More than six kilometres of walls and embankments are planned to protect homes from the river Kent.

It's part of a £24m flood defence scheme hoping to reduce the chance of Kendal flooding up to five per cent.

Up to 779 trees would be lost across Kendal, the Environment Agency plans to plant four for every one chopped down - that's over 3,000 new trees.

It's going to take decades for them to get to a similar level of growth as even some of the small trees here, let alone the really large trees. The large trees provide habitats for bats; provides feeding for birds. The trees that are going to be planted aren't going to be planted here because the wall's going to take up all of the space."

– Kate Willshaw, Save Kendal Riverside Trees Campaigner

Kate Willshaw who is a campaigner for ' Save Kendal Riverside Trees' escaped the Storm Desmond floods, but her neighbour, Bryan Burrow didn't.

With over 2,000 homes and businesses flooded by Storm Desmond. it's been a long wait for Kendal's flood defences.

But these campaigners argue the plans still aren't right, three years on.

We understand the community's desire to have a flood management scheme in place as soon as possible. However, as an organisation with the environment at our core we also recognise the concerns being raised about the trees in Kendal. We are seeking a solution with the community."

– The Environment Agency