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Plans for 5,560 new homes around Penrith opposed

Credit: Eden District Council

Campaigners against plans that could see more than 5000 new homes built around Penrith are urging councillors to rethink proposals at a meeting tonight.

Eden District Council says the Penrith Strategic Masterplan would boost the local economy.

But opponents question whether this scale of development is needed and fear it would spoil the landscape and overwhelm the area's infrastructure.

The plans aim to expand the town over the next three decades and are expected to create 7,000 new jobs.

A planning officer at Friends of the Lake District said:

We have concerns about the limited extent to which the impact of the proposals on the landscape has been assessed, but we also have significant concerns about the process that has been used to promote and develop the Masterplan document."

"Other concerns include that the current and proposed future status of the Masterplan is also unclear and no assessment has been made of the cumulative impacts of this scale of development taking place alongside other plans for significant development such as Carlisle’s ‘garden village’, A66 upgrades and development proposed in the Eden and other authorities’ Local Plans."

– Lorayne Wall, planning officer.

A spokesperson from the campaign group 'Keep Penrith Special' says "It’s absurd that the Council persists with calling this woeful and unlawful consultation an engagement, when they know full well that the rules governing public consultations applied."

A petition against the plans will be submitted at a public this evening at 6:45pm at Penrith Town Hall.