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Workington Comets withdraw from Speedway Championship

Workington Comets Credit: ITV Border

Workington Comets have announced early this morning that they are withdrawing from the 2019 Speedway Championship.

Owner Laura Morgan was 'forced to admit defeat' due to financial problems.

The Comets have been a part of the second tier for over twenty years and aim to return to the track in 2020, but for now will apply to the BSPA to have their license 'put on ice'.

For so many reasons this is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in my life."

"Last season was by far and away our most successful season on-track and far exceeded the expectations of everyone connected with the club. However, that success came at a huge personal financial cost and we are still dealing with the consequences."

“Following our success and the publicity generated we tried to secure some significant additional backing to take us into the new season and after initial enthusiasm that has proved to be extremely difficult."

“With just two months to go before the start of the new season we cannot, however much we would like to, allow this to drag on as we need to be fair to the riders, other clubs and the BSPA for the good of the sport.

“Even as late as last week we were hopeful we could still continue however for several reasons that has ultimately proved impossible."

– Laura Morgan, Owner of the Workington Comets

Reactions of the news are coming in on Twitter.

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