Carlisle museum awarded £250,000 grant

Court Mantua dress Credit: Tullie House

A museum in Carlisle has been granted £250,000 to fund a new fashion and costume gallery.

Tullie House in Carlisle has a collection of over 7,000 pieces of costume and with new funding will allow some of them to be showcased for visitors to experience.

(Right) Polonaise dress - 1780 (Left) Damask panniered dress - 1750

The exhibition will take visitors on a journey through the fashion, starting in 1702.

A rare Court Mantua dress is included in the collection. The bizarre and highly impractical garment was worn in the 1700's and was designed to reflect the person's wealth and high status.

Court Mantua dress Credit: Tullie House

Many of the museums collection have featured in other Tullie House exhibitions over the years including the famous 'Little Black Dress' and 'Harnell to Amies'.

MP John Stevenson has shown his delight for the grant on his Facebook page.