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Cumbria sees drop in Christmas drink-driving figures

Photo: Press Association

Fewer motorists were caught drink-driving during December 2018 than the previous year – despite a rise in the number of drivers tested.

In December 2018, 1,163 drivers were tested for alcohol, with 47 drivers either testing positive or refusing to comply. In December 2017, 922 were tested and 57 were positive or refused.

"Our officers were out in numbers over the Christmas period, breath testing more than 1,000 drivers across Cumbria. Hopefully, this is a sign that the message is getting through to people about the dangers of drink-driving and how seriously the offence is treated by ourselves and the courts.

“Drink-driving has been socially unacceptable for some years now. However, it is the potential outcomes of drink-driving – losing your life, taking someone else’s, losing your job - which is starting to hit home.

“But the fact is, one driver drinking before getting behind the wheel is one to many so our officers will continue to prioritise ridding the roads of those who put all out lives and risk by driving whilst unfit.”

– Inspector Steve Minnikin, Cumbria Police

Despite the fall in the number of motorists caught drink-driving, the number of drivers who failed drug testing rose from 19 in December 2017 to 22 in December 2018.

The roadside drugs wipe tests test a person’s saliva to find if they have taken drugs such as cocaine and cannabis before getting behind the wheel.