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Carlisle residents asked for their say on flood defences

Credit: ITV

Plans that could protect Carlisle from future flooding are being unveiled this afternoon.

In 2015, parts of the community were severely damaged from Storm Desmond after the surrounding rivers overflowed from rain fall, flooding businesses and homes.

The Environment Agency are holding a drop-in session to hear the resident's thoughts and update them on possible flood defence options.

The public body has been exploring ways to invest government funding for better protection for Carlisle.

The meeting will take place at Brunton Park in the New Sponsors room from 4pm - 7.30pm.

We are pleased to be in a position to share the latest developments for managing future flood risk with the Carlisle community. We saw first-hand the devastating impact the floods of 2015 had on residents and businesses and we want to work really closely with the community to help reduce their impact in the future."