Councillors meet to discuss controversial nuclear waste dump

Credit: NDA

Councillors in west Cumbria will discuss whether an underground nuclear waste store should be considered for the area.

The Government has re-opened the search for a community that would be willing to house such a facility.

The plans caused huge controversy in West Cumbria when first raised, before being rejected by Cumbria County Council in 2013.

Geologists and environmental campaigners made pleas to reject the plan which split the public's opinion.

This will be the first time Copeland Council's nuclear panel has met since last month's announcement that the Government would be re-opening the hunt for a volunteer "host community".

The council is yet to agree its official stance on the creation of a multi-billion pound underground waste repository known as a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF).

But today's meeting of the authority's Strategic Nuclear and Energy Board will kick-start the thrashing out of that formal position.

"We will continue to press the Government to progress the process, recognising the risk to the environment and local communities that the current interim storage of this waste and the continued delay in bringing forward a site for a GDF, presents.

Spokesman from Copeland council