The Ravenglass estuary is a draw for tourists. With beautiful scenery and lovely beaches.

Like a lot of coastal communities, however, it is blighted by rubbish brought in by the tide.

Villagers here have come together to start getting rid of the plastic plague.

It's a great close knit community and we pride ourselves on the appearance of the village and we all use the beach for recreation, walking dogs, or just enjoying the views here so it is really important to keep them clean.

Jackie Williams, Volunteer

The beach clean was organised by Beach Buddies who have come over from the Isle of Man. A similar scheme there has been a real success story. Now they're spreading the word on the mainland.

Everybody is contributing to it. This isn't happening on the beach this is happening inland, it is coming down the rivers, it id coming through the drainage system, goes out to sea and then comes back in.

Bill Dale, Beach Buddies

The rubbish collected will be recycled by Copeland Borough Council.

The clean up was organised by Beach Buddies Credit: ITV Border