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New bin bags to tackle seagull menace

Credit: Press Association

New bin bags are being trialled in Dumfries in a bid to tackle a long-running seagull problem.

The trial will see Dumfries & Galloway Council hand out 'gull-proof' bags to around 40 households and businesses in the town to reduce the amount of litter being spread by seagulls picking through waste.

For more than a decade Dumfries has had issues with the birds scavenging rubbish and even attacking people. A series of control measures including removing eggs and nests has been used to try and minimise the nuisance.

The council says the bag trial is due to last for six months and if it proves successful the scheme could be rolled out over a wider area.

“Unfortunately, gulls have learned where to find food sources, so we are rolling out these trial bags to see if this will deter them from creating havoc by pecking and spreading waste, thereby attracting even more birds.

“If successful we hope to roll this out in other problem areas across the region in the future.”

– Cllr Andy Ferguson, Dumfries & Galloway Council