Noah Wall takes to the stage at The Royal Albert Hall

Noah taking part in the concert at the Royal Albert Hall Credit: ITV

Six-year-old Noah Wall, from Cumbria, joined performers on the stage at The Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday, to take part in the Music is Magic charity concert.

Noah, from Abbeytown, was born with severe Spina Bifida and wasn't expected to survive more than a few days.

He was given a warm welcome as he took to the stage as part of the grand finale, of the concert, which featured musicians, choristers, and special guests.

Credit: ITV

The event was organised by The Music Man Project. It is the UK’s only full-time specialist music education service for children and adults with a learning disability.

Noah and his parents appeared on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday morning to talk about his night at the Royal Albert Hall.

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When Noah was born at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, he had just 2% brain mass.

But scans revealed that his brain is almost fully functioning - a development doctors had not expected.

Scans of Noah Wall’s brain show how he had just 2 per cent of brain function when he was born, left, yet now, right, it is nearly fully functioning Credit: Noah's family