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Amputee teenager to donate old prosthetics to Africa

Olivia has a collection of prosthetics. Credit: Kim Brown

A teenager from Cumbria who lost both legs and an arm to meningitis is donating her old prosthetic limbs to help amputee children in Africa.

15-year-old Olivia Story from Carlisle was just a toddler when she contracted the disease and nearly died.

After spotting a poster advertising Legs4Africa in Carlisle's NHS Limb Centre, she decided to box up 25 of her prosthetics to ship thousands of miles away to young amputees who need them.

It's the largest donation of prosthetics given to the charity by an individual.

  • Meet Olivia Story

It would just show that everything that I no longer use, can help someone else. It would show that my legs are actually going to good use. "

– Olivia Story

Olivia has decided to keep her baby legs but is donating the rest, including specialist running blades, to charity.

Legs4Africa recycle prosthetics, sourced from UK hospitals and private donors, that would otherwise end up in landfill.

For more information visit their website.

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