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Nobel Prize winner most proud of 'coming third in maths and science'

Richard Henderson Credit: PA

A Scottish Nobel Prize winner returned to his hometown and visited the school which helped him become one of the world's most famous scientist.

Richard Henderson is a molecular biologist and a biophysicist who created a three-dimensional biological molecule and produced a cryo-electron microscopy which is a way that biomolecules are frozen in particular way so it can retain its natural shape. In 2017 he received a Nobel Prize in recognition for his work in chemistry.

"Newcastleton were my golden years"

– Richard Henderson

As child he attended Newcastleton Primary School then Hawick High School before moving again. Richard later studied physics at the University of Edinburgh, graduating with first class honours before getting his PhD.

Richard says he found an early interest in maths and which sparked a love for science and now is encouraging young children to follow their dreams.