Mobile phones should be banned from classrooms, that's the policy more than 120 headteachers are campaigning to enforce.

Teachers from more than 120 schools signed an open letter supporting the "Phone-Free Schools" campaign.

Students in year 11 and below would not be allowed their phones on-site if the ban is approved.

The letter states :

We believe that these devices can be corrosive to otherwise calm and structured learning environments, and that a firm policy against their use is the best way for schools to maintain order in the pace of the disruption that mobile phones can cause."

“Phone-Free School” Campaign.
Credit: PA

A 2018 poll suggested that almost six in 10 (59%) of UK parents agree students should not be allowed mobiles on school grounds.

Headteachers currently hold the right to allow, or not allow, their students to have smartphones out during school hours.

If schools were to introduce a ban on phones, the UK would be following in the footsteps of France where pupils were told to leave their them at home when they returned from their summer holidays last year.

Schools minister Nick Gibb said he had concerns about the impact that excessive phone use was having on children and suggested they should be banned.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Head Teachers warned prohibiting smartphones could make tackling the associated problems harder.

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“Outright banning mobile phones can cause more problems than it solves, driving phone use ‘underground’ and making problems less visible and obvious for schools to tackle

Senior policy adviser, Sarah Hannafin.

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