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Young campaigners meet with mental health minister

A group of young people from Maryport campaigning for better mental health services for adolescents, met with ministers for mental health at Parliament.

Minister Luciana Berger MP and shadow minister, Barbara Keeley MP met with the 'We Will' campaigners, aged 14-18, hoping to raise awareness of mental health in young people.

Credit: We Will Campaign

The teenagers have come together to advocate for change in the way mental health is dealt with in their schools, communities and families.

Last year the group produced a short video showing how hard it can be for people with mental health issues. Their film has been nominated for an award and there are plans to make more films about the topic.

A 2018 NHS Digital Survey showed that one in eight 5-19 year-olds were diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

17 to 19-year-olds were found to have a mental health disorder

Mental health disorders were grouped into four categories - emotional, behavioural, hyperactivity and others which are less common.

Mental health can appear at any stage in childhood and vary in severity.

TV personality, Calum Best partnered up with NSPCC and Childline in 2018 and urged young people struggling, to talk to someone and get support.

Calum is the son of well-known Northern Irish professional footballer, George Best. He has been working with schools to help young people talk about their feeling after he struggled to do so himself.

My main goal when I go into schools at the moment and meet other young kids is to try and teach them that it's okay to open up"

– Calum Best