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Peter MacMahon: A good night for parties with clarity

Voters have had their say in the European elections Credit: PA Images

There's a clear winner from the European elections: clarity. Parties with a clear message have done well. Those with an ambiguous message have suffered.

In Scotland this has meant that Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish National Party have had a very good night.

The SNP backed a second Brexit referendum, though it took them a while to get there. But once they got there they stuck to their position. It's paid off. Other parties with a clear policy platform, the Brexit party (for leaving the EU, obviously) and the Liberal Democrats (for remaining, obviously) have done well.

It has been a terrible night for the Labour party, once dominant in Scotland, and a bad night for the Scottish Conservatives.

Both parties were ambiguous - to put it very politely - on Brexit and voters north of the Border have noticed.

As I write the predictions, based on a large number of votes already counted, are that the SNP will get three seats.

The Brexit party is predicted to get one (but come second in terms of votes), with Liberal Democrats and Tories one each. Labour is predicted to get none.

If the final results are as predicted the SNP will claim to have won, and they will have done so. The Lib Dems will be very pleased at their comeback. They will both claim this shows that Scotland, which voted 62% to 38% to Remain in 2016, remains a Remain nation and renew calls for a second Brexit vote.

The Brexit party will say that their message that the UK must leave the EU as the referendum in 2016 mandated politicians to do has won considerable support north of the Border.

And it seems pretty clear that many Tory voters, who want to leave the EU, have moved over to the Brexit party. Brexiteers will say this makes their case, and oppose a second referendum.

Scotland may be a 'Remain' nation but there is also a part of the country which wants to leave the EU. Divisions remain.

How those divisions are resolved will depend not just on votes in Scotland, but also the picture across the UK, where the Brexit party has done extremely well, and the Tories and Labour very badly.