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Health checks launched to prevent strokes

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A community stroke prevention event is taking place at The Traders Fair in St Nicholas' Church Gardens in Whitehaven today.

85% of strokes can be prevented through health checks and healthier lifestyle choices.

The Copeland Community Stroke Prevention Project, which is made up of a number of health groups, pharmacies and the local NHS, will be offering free blood pressure and pulse rate readings.

The tests aim to detect high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation, which are both conditions that increase the risk of a stroke but can be treated relatively easily.

Knowing that up to 85% of strokes could possibly be avoided, we campaigned for a stroke prevention programme in West Cumbria and Copeland in particular. This brought together a partnership that is providing simple tests for stroke risk factors that can be treated. Three pharmacies in the area are offering free drop-in testing and on Friday we have the first stand hosted at an event happening this summer.

– Jon Ward, West Cumbrians' Voice for Healthcare

Participants will also be given advice on ways to improve health and decrease their chance of having a stroke such as healthy eating, regular exercise and stopping smoking.

People who cannot attend the event but wish to have tests can consider the following: