The funeral has taken place of broadcaster John Myers, who died suddenly earlier this month aged 60. Hundreds attended the service at Carlisle cathedral on Saturday 15 June.

John Myers was from Carlisle and became a giant of the media industry.

Those he knew from his decades in the business came to pay their respects to a man who certainly made a mark.

He presented and then launched radio stations across the UK. He also worked for Border television and acted as an advisor to the Government.

While running one radio station, he occasionally had to deal with complaints about one of his DJs - it was also him using a different name.

John Myers, CFM. Credit: ITV Border

There were two John's - John Morgan and John Myers. John Morgan was the executive and he would have hated today but John Myers the luvvie would've enjoyed this. And I think we're going to give him a good send off - it's what he deserves, he was one of the few - a special man"

Harry King, broadcaster

John was on holiday with his wife when he collapsed and died playing golf in Gleneagles at the start of the month. It was a belated 60th birthday present after being given the all-clear from cancer

He leaves behind two children - laid to rest in the city he was proud to call home.