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'Please slow down in my village': Three-year-old's plea to speeding drivers

Cormack is three-years-old and is urging drivers to slow down. Credit: Suzy Rook

A toddler from Dumfries and Galloway is taking the law into his own hands to try and stop drivers from speeding through his village.

Three-year-old Cormack Rook and his family live on Main Street in Crossmichael - a road which is a 30mph zone.

However, locals are concerned that motorists rarely drive within in the limit despite the fact that there is two speed activated monitors in the village.

Please slow down in my village"

– Cormack Rook

'PC Cormack' has been dressing as a policeman and uses his mum's hairdryer in place of a radar gun to try to encourage people to think twice about how fast they're driving.

"We put this sign up for half an hour and everyone slowed down", says Suzy Rook, Cormack's mum.

She says residents are concerned that the growing issue will lead to a tragic accident, and hopes the council will step in.

The campaign which has proved popular online has a serious message.

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