Carlisle Airport: Climate activists protest on opening day

It's a big day for the Border region as flights from Carlisle Airport depart to three destinations; Dublin, London Southend and Belfast.

But not everyone is pleased with the decision to launch the flights. Climate change activists, Extinction Rebellion, are outside the gates of the airport to protest the impact daily flights could have on the environment.

Local group Sustainable Carlisle and members of the Green Party have designed banners with their message on. One says "please think twice before flying" and another states "I would be in school if the earth was cool."

Protesters say the increasing flights are 'incompatible with tackling the urgent climate crisis.'

Protesters preach outside the airport gates just moments after the first flight left. Credit: ITV Border

We do recognise that the local airport is now operational, but respectfully ask potential users to please question the necessity of any flights they wish to make and consider all reasonable alternatives before booking a flight."

Extinction Rebellion

Protestors met at the entrance of Carlisle Lake District Airport at 7.30am, before the first flight to Dublin took off.

The return of commercial flights to Carlisle, after more than 25 years, has been pushed back twice in the past.

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