Community bid to save Buccleuch estate moorland

A community group in Langholm is raising support for a community buyout of a nearby moor.

They want to take over thousands of acres of land from the Duke of Buccleuch and conserve it for local people.

It comes after Scotland's largest land owner announced he intends to sell around 25,000 acres of the Borders Estate following a review of the land.

  • Benny Higgins, executive chairman of Buccleuch Estate.

The area stretches from Langholm to Newcastleton. It's mostly moorland, but also includes a small amount of pasture and forestry. It's a scientific interest and is a special protection area for wildlife.

Langholm moor land up for sale. Credit: ITV Border

Some local people, who are gathering support to buy a third of the land, worry new owners might not preserve the landscape - using it instead for forestry or wind farms.

The initiative has started a petition to gain support for their plan, that can be signed in local outlets until the 11 July.